Farting brings people together…

It’s true.

Tooting from your derrière takes friendships to a whole different level. Think about it – around immediate family, or siblings especially, most people are completely comfortable farting around the house. But for those who do not dare let one out around friends, even close friends, you’re missing out.

Travelling for a month with one of my close friends of about nine years, spending pretty much 24/7 with her, it was impossible for either of us to hold farts in for the whole month. We felt like we were actually sisters, because we were being as comfortable around each other as we would be with our own sisters.
Many laughs were shared over the farts.

Everyone farts. That’s the bottom line. So why do we have to hide something that is so natural? Especially around those we feel closest to?

Change is difficult, that’s true. But if we can at the very least feel comfortable farting around our best friends, we’ll feel more comfortable about ourselves and the friendships we have will be catapulted to a whole new level.


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