The Fart Barrier

If you’re in a relationship, or have been in one, you may be familiar with the fart barrier.

“What is the fart barrier?” Some may ask. The fart barrier is a crucial thing to get past when you are in a relationship. When that time comes when one person feels comfortable enough to fart around the other, and lets one rip audibly, the fart barrier in the relationship has been broken.

It is a momentous (and sometimes, stinky) occasion because it’s a sign that the other person is truly comfortable around you. It’s flattering, in a way, because they truly feel open and don’t feel they need to hide anything from you.

When should the fart barrier be broken? It depends, like most things. If it’s a somewhat serious relationship, then whenever you feel you are comfortable enough around each other. But if it’s reaching a point where it’s a year, two years, or more, and the fart barrier has not been broken… That becomes problematic. Spending a year or more holding in farts around the person you invest so much in… Well, I can’t be the only one who thinks that sounds ridiculous.

What is unfortunate are those people who refuse to allow farting in their relationship. To deny that open-ness in a relationship, especially if it’s a serious one, is truly a shame.

At first, it can be a little awkward, that’s no lie. But the benefits are great, because when that accidental fart escapes it isn’t awkward. Or if you just don’t feel like holding it in, there’s no need to, because the agreement has been made: “everyone farts – I do, you do, and I’m okay with that”.


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