A Weirdly, Wonderful Moment…

Sometimes, things happen right in front of your eyes that just leave you speechless, shocked, surprised, and… amazed. And it didn’t occur to me until now to celebrate how wonderful this thing that happened was – this is a true story which needs to be told.

Weeks back, at the start of the revolution that is ‘Let It Rip’, I was talking to a few friends. I was discussing the ideas behind ‘Let It Rip’ and the plans I had for it. At a brief pause, the person next to me lets one rip, and it was a loud and proud one. Myself and my fellow friends were momentarily speechless. All we could do was stare, try to gather our thoughts and try to comprehend what had just happened. Right in front of us.

Eventually, someone broke the silence that followed the fart.

“Did that just happen?”

After that question was uttered, we were shaken out of our shock. And conversation resumed and we went back to whatever we were doing.

It wasn’t as weird as you might think. We had a moment to acknowledge that someone farted out loud around us, and we all realised that it’s something that we all do anyway, and so… it was fine.

It wasn’t until now, though, that I felt compelled to write about it. Because this is what I need people to know. That farting around others is fine. And among friends, it’s… a weird but wonderful thing. There is no shaming. There is no judgement. More than anything, I have admiration for that farter. To feel comfortable and confident enough to fart around others is something that we all should start getting used to, and there’s no better way to begin than by farting around friends.
Or, at least, not to be ashamed if that one fart escapes.

Going through that moment that happened weeks ago, almost leaves me speechless… There is that association with the memory that it indeed was a weirdly, wonderful moment. I don’t know how well I captured it in my retelling. But I know that now, certainly, it gives me this unshakable feeling that we need more people who are willing to not hold back.


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