Farting in Front of Others: Is it a Gender Thing?

Warning: Broad Generalisations Alert!

Males seem more comfortable farting around friends than females do.

Of course this isn’t 100% true, there are some males who find farting disgusting. But it seems that males are more likely to feel that farting around their friends is fine. Females… Well, generally, don’t think it is fine at all.

But why is the world like this??

Is it because us females have this idea deeply ingrained in us that we need to uphold a standard in our manner and our appearance? (Which would crumble if, God forbid, we accidentally fart out loud).

Is it because we grew up with the idea that only boys farted, and so we couldn’t do it. Not in front of others. Because that’s what boys do. Not girls.

Is farting a gender thing? Like how some professions seem to be more swayed to a single gender, or even degrees at university, or even colours babies are dressed in…? Is farting something that is perceived as an act that is appropriate for males?

This is an injustice.

Why do women need to feel the need to hide and suppress farts?? EVERYONE FARTS. So why is it “wrong” for women to fart??

This makes me want to fart out loud all the time, to change our bizarre perceptions. Writing all of this makes me want to fart for women. For us to escape the fear of embarrassment which should not exist in the first place.

This is a desperate call to action. Let it rip. And change the world one fart at a time.


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