Different Types of Farts

There are so many different types of farts that exist. There are countless situations and scenarios we’ve experienced with a whole bunch of different types of farts. And everyone has a different name for the different farts.

This delightful video covers some of the common farts. It’s an interestingly well thought out video. Of course, it doesn’t cover all the farts that are out there, but it does a great job looking at some of the main ones we might encounter.

If it were possible to come up with a comprehensive list of farts, we would totally try. But there’s just so many diverse farts that the challenge is too great for us.

At the most basic level, we could categorise farts in the following way:

Silent but deadly

Silent but no smell
(the perfect sneaky fart because no-one will ever know)

Loud but deadly

Loud but surprisingly, no smell

But even then… there are way too many variations  depending on the situation.

Let It Rip needs your help. On Facebook and Twitter, we’re trying to get a list started, to see if we can all come up with a list of farts. Can we do it?


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