Fart Faces

Fart Face


Here is a fart face which captures that satisfying feeling of releasing a fart.

There are several different faces for the types of farts and the stages of farting.

Sometimes, when you’ve got that fart that needs a bit of a push, there’s the face that looks like you’re thinking hard about something – which would be you thinking about whether this fart will come out and how big and/or deadly it could be.

Other times, it’s a look of sudden shock, knowing that a fart is on its way out and you need to think quick and either strategically let it out or desperately hold it in with your butt cheeks (one day though, in the perfect world, we won’t have to hold in our farts).

The post-fart face, if it was a stinker, is that face that shrivels in disgust (and is mixed with a slight feeling of wonder – about how you could possibly produce a fart that smells that bad).

Or, there is the face that is almost impossible to detect, because you’ve gotten away with farting and no-one has noticed, and you smile to yourself on the inside but on the outside, nothing has changed, you give nothing away. You didn’t even show any signs of farting. It’s a matter of keeping the mask fixed, and not letting the joy (of no-one knowing you farted) escape through.

Sometimes, there’s the sneaky look that accompanies a fart, to scope out whether anyone has noticed.

This is just a basic look at the types of faces there are. Is there a face that we completely and obviously forgot?


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