Why Do Farts Smell Bad?

There are a few reasons why farts smell bad.

Food that is high in sulfur makes your farts smelly. So the culprits include beans, cabbage, eggs and broccoli. But these foods are good for you, so just if you’re concerned about smelly farts, be cautious of not eating excessive amounts.

However, Let It Rip believes that a healthy diet should not be compromised, so if you love some of these smelly-fart culprits, fart proudly knowing that your diet includes sulfur – which is something our bodies need!

If you’re still paranoid about the correlation between what you eat and how bad your farts smell, try and reduce the amount of garlic, onions, spicy food and beer, because bacteria in your intestines can turn these foods into nasty smelling farts.

If gas remains in your intestines for an extended period of time bacteria will add sulfates to the combination of other gases – which causes the bad smell in smelly farts.

Intestinal gas includes nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and methane. These are generally odourless except when sulfates are added to the equation.


Where is it Appropriate to Let It Rip?

Just because Let It Rip wants everyone to feel comfortable about farting, there should be ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s about where to fart.

Open spaces, outdoors – best place for passing wind (even better if it goes with the wind). Think… in the street, or at a park (although, don’t go out of your way to go to a park solely to fart – that’s just weird).

Private, personal spaces – another great place to let it rip. Like, at home, or in your room. This is where you freely fart anyway, so keep it up! Loud and proud.

A big NO would have to be public transport. There’s nowhere for the fart to go, so it lingers and doesn’t waft away. Be considerate! Outdoors is fine because people aren’t trapped with that nasty, stinky cloud.

In a room with other people… debatable. Depends on the room and the people inside. If it’s with friends (and only friends) you’re comfortable with, and in a private space, like at a house, I say that’s a-okay! If you’re sharing a space with strangers though…
N. O.

Try not to let it rip at the cinemas, or in a lecture theatre, or any space that is similar. Like public transport, there’s nowhere for the fart to go.

However… if it’s one that can be released silently and without much of a smell (well, let’s face it… it’s silent but deadly for a reason…) that’s fine. As long as it can’t be traced to you. And let’s be real – we all do this. You can’t just toot proudly in spaces like these. You have to be stealthy.

Do you agree with these ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s about where it’s appropriate to let it rip?

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment!

A Weirdly, Wonderful Moment…

Sometimes, things happen right in front of your eyes that just leave you speechless, shocked, surprised, and… amazed. And it didn’t occur to me until now to celebrate how wonderful this thing that happened was – this is a true story which needs to be told.

Weeks back, at the start of the revolution that is ‘Let It Rip’, I was talking to a few friends. I was discussing the ideas behind ‘Let It Rip’ and the plans I had for it. At a brief pause, the person next to me lets one rip, and it was a loud and proud one. Myself and my fellow friends were momentarily speechless. All we could do was stare, try to gather our thoughts and try to comprehend what had just happened. Right in front of us.

Eventually, someone broke the silence that followed the fart.

“Did that just happen?”

After that question was uttered, we were shaken out of our shock. And conversation resumed and we went back to whatever we were doing.

It wasn’t as weird as you might think. We had a moment to acknowledge that someone farted out loud around us, and we all realised that it’s something that we all do anyway, and so… it was fine.

It wasn’t until now, though, that I felt compelled to write about it. Because this is what I need people to know. That farting around others is fine. And among friends, it’s… a weird but wonderful thing. There is no shaming. There is no judgement. More than anything, I have admiration for that farter. To feel comfortable and confident enough to fart around others is something that we all should start getting used to, and there’s no better way to begin than by farting around friends.
Or, at least, not to be ashamed if that one fart escapes.

Going through that moment that happened weeks ago, almost leaves me speechless… There is that association with the memory that it indeed was a weirdly, wonderful moment. I don’t know how well I captured it in my retelling. But I know that now, certainly, it gives me this unshakable feeling that we need more people who are willing to not hold back.

The Fart Barrier

If you’re in a relationship, or have been in one, you may be familiar with the fart barrier.

“What is the fart barrier?” Some may ask. The fart barrier is a crucial thing to get past when you are in a relationship. When that time comes when one person feels comfortable enough to fart around the other, and lets one rip audibly, the fart barrier in the relationship has been broken.

It is a momentous (and sometimes, stinky) occasion because it’s a sign that the other person is truly comfortable around you. It’s flattering, in a way, because they truly feel open and don’t feel they need to hide anything from you.

When should the fart barrier be broken? It depends, like most things. If it’s a somewhat serious relationship, then whenever you feel you are comfortable enough around each other. But if it’s reaching a point where it’s a year, two years, or more, and the fart barrier has not been broken… That becomes problematic. Spending a year or more holding in farts around the person you invest so much in… Well, I can’t be the only one who thinks that sounds ridiculous.

What is unfortunate are those people who refuse to allow farting in their relationship. To deny that open-ness in a relationship, especially if it’s a serious one, is truly a shame.

At first, it can be a little awkward, that’s no lie. But the benefits are great, because when that accidental fart escapes it isn’t awkward. Or if you just don’t feel like holding it in, there’s no need to, because the agreement has been made: “everyone farts – I do, you do, and I’m okay with that”.

Farting brings people together…

It’s true.

Tooting from your derrière takes friendships to a whole different level. Think about it – around immediate family, or siblings especially, most people are completely comfortable farting around the house. But for those who do not dare let one out around friends, even close friends, you’re missing out.

Travelling for a month with one of my close friends of about nine years, spending pretty much 24/7 with her, it was impossible for either of us to hold farts in for the whole month. We felt like we were actually sisters, because we were being as comfortable around each other as we would be with our own sisters.
Many laughs were shared over the farts.

Everyone farts. That’s the bottom line. So why do we have to hide something that is so natural? Especially around those we feel closest to?

Change is difficult, that’s true. But if we can at the very least feel comfortable farting around our best friends, we’ll feel more comfortable about ourselves and the friendships we have will be catapulted to a whole new level.