Your Mission

It’s all up to you now. Everyone. We all need to take action.

Let It Rip needs everyone to let it rip.

We all need to help change the world. Will you do it? Just one fart at a time, that is all we ask.

The first step is to fart around your friends. Our very first post was about the importance of doing this. Why would you keep barriers up around those you love? Why do we suffer through discomfort and/or awkwardness around those we should be completely comfortable with? It all starts with one. Your best friend. Just once. Give it a go. You can laugh it off but ultimately, you’ll realise that your friendship will become infinitely better and more open.

Who knows what will happen from there? If you can break down the barrier of farting in front of your best friend, that should inspire you to break that barrier with your circle of close friends.

Who will judge you? No one. Because everyone farts. And only a brave person will admit and prove that.

Be brave. Take a stand against the awkwardness. Let’s face it. It’s such a trivial thing to consider embarrassing, since it’s so banal. It is not a big deal at all, and it shouldn’t be.

So, can we count on you to change the world?

One fart at a time?