Fart Faces

Fart Face


Here is a fart face which captures that satisfying feeling of releasing a fart.

There are several different faces for the types of farts and the stages of farting.

Sometimes, when you’ve got that fart that needs a bit of a push, there’s the face that looks like you’re thinking hard about something – which would be you thinking about whether this fart will come out and how big and/or deadly it could be.

Other times, it’s a look of sudden shock, knowing that a fart is on its way out and you need to think quick and either strategically let it out or desperately hold it in with your butt cheeks (one day though, in the perfect world, we won’t have to hold in our farts).

The post-fart face, if it was a stinker, is that face that shrivels in disgust (and is mixed with a slight feeling of wonder – about how you could possibly produce a fart that smells that bad).

Or, there is the face that is almost impossible to detect, because you’ve gotten away with farting and no-one has noticed, and you smile to yourself on the inside but on the outside, nothing has changed, you give nothing away. You didn’t even show any signs of farting. It’s a matter of keeping the mask fixed, and not letting the joy (of no-one knowing you farted) escape through.

Sometimes, there’s the sneaky look that accompanies a fart, to scope out whether anyone has noticed.

This is just a basic look at the types of faces there are. Is there a face that we completely and obviously forgot?


The Fatties

This gem from Tropic Thunder should definitely be an actual movie.

It’s what we’re all about! Letting it rip!

We would be so happy to see 90 minutes of this.

But funny doesn’t necessarily equate to embarrassing. We should be embracing things like this as encouragement to fart out loud. We can’t let the media sway us to make us believe that farting is an act that is embarrassing and “taboo”. We should be free to fart without fear of judgement.

So Let It Rip wants everyone to embrace The Fatties and their incessant farting, and appreciate how truly free they are because they do not hold back.

And neither should you.

Sneaky Dog Farts

Pets are so free. Yes, domesticated pets often stay indoors, so they are not necessarily as free as they could be, but there’s something amazing they can get away with. Farting.

Often, we hear that story of the sneaky fart. Someone will recount the tale of how their pet came up to them, farted, then left – pretending that it never happened, and leaving the cloud of nasty fart.

This tale is an unfortunate one for the person who had to suffer through the dog fart.

My sister was lying on the couch one peaceful afternoon and our dog, Pippa, joined her. Pippa was perched in one of her spots – sitting partly on the arm of the couch, staring out to the door. My sister had her head placed just beside the arm of the couch. My sister was just relaxing, minding her own business, and Pippa was staring out in the distance.
Then all of a sudden, a sound escapes from Pippa’s behind and what followed was an unbelievably foul stench which wafted crudely into my sister’s face.
Pippa turns to look at my sister, making her face as cute as possible and with an ignorant look on her face – a “façade of innocence” (to quote my sister) – trying to cover up the fact that she had tooted in my sister’s presence – no, worse – her face.

This is one of the best stories I’ve ever heard.


Have you had an experience with dog farts? Let us know in the comments below!

Farting in Front of Others: Is it a Gender Thing?

Warning: Broad Generalisations Alert!

Males seem more comfortable farting around friends than females do.

Of course this isn’t 100% true, there are some males who find farting disgusting. But it seems that males are more likely to feel that farting around their friends is fine. Females… Well, generally, don’t think it is fine at all.

But why is the world like this??

Is it because us females have this idea deeply ingrained in us that we need to uphold a standard in our manner and our appearance? (Which would crumble if, God forbid, we accidentally fart out loud).

Is it because we grew up with the idea that only boys farted, and so we couldn’t do it. Not in front of others. Because that’s what boys do. Not girls.

Is farting a gender thing? Like how some professions seem to be more swayed to a single gender, or even degrees at university, or even colours babies are dressed in…? Is farting something that is perceived as an act that is appropriate for males?

This is an injustice.

Why do women need to feel the need to hide and suppress farts?? EVERYONE FARTS. So why is it “wrong” for women to fart??

This makes me want to fart out loud all the time, to change our bizarre perceptions. Writing all of this makes me want to fart for women. For us to escape the fear of embarrassment which should not exist in the first place.

This is a desperate call to action. Let it rip. And change the world one fart at a time.

Farting brings people together…

It’s true.

Tooting from your derrière takes friendships to a whole different level. Think about it – around immediate family, or siblings especially, most people are completely comfortable farting around the house. But for those who do not dare let one out around friends, even close friends, you’re missing out.

Travelling for a month with one of my close friends of about nine years, spending pretty much 24/7 with her, it was impossible for either of us to hold farts in for the whole month. We felt like we were actually sisters, because we were being as comfortable around each other as we would be with our own sisters.
Many laughs were shared over the farts.

Everyone farts. That’s the bottom line. So why do we have to hide something that is so natural? Especially around those we feel closest to?

Change is difficult, that’s true. But if we can at the very least feel comfortable farting around our best friends, we’ll feel more comfortable about ourselves and the friendships we have will be catapulted to a whole new level.