Sneaky Dog Farts

Pets are so free. Yes, domesticated pets often stay indoors, so they are not necessarily as free as they could be, but there’s something amazing they can get away with. Farting.

Often, we hear that story of the sneaky fart. Someone will recount the tale of how their pet came up to them, farted, then left – pretending that it never happened, and leaving the cloud of nasty fart.

This tale is an unfortunate one for the person who had to suffer through the dog fart.

My sister was lying on the couch one peaceful afternoon and our dog, Pippa, joined her. Pippa was perched in one of her spots – sitting partly on the arm of the couch, staring out to the door. My sister had her head placed just beside the arm of the couch. My sister was just relaxing, minding her own business, and Pippa was staring out in the distance.
Then all of a sudden, a sound escapes from Pippa’s behind and what followed was an unbelievably foul stench which wafted crudely into my sister’s face.
Pippa turns to look at my sister, making her face as cute as possible and with an ignorant look on her face – a “fa├žade of innocence” (to quote my sister) – trying to cover up the fact that she had tooted in my sister’s presence – no, worse – her face.

This is one of the best stories I’ve ever heard.


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